The Warmth in One's Spine

Aug 14

This is Blanche Oelrichs (1890-1950), also known by her pen name Michael Strange. She was a poet, playwright, and actress. She is Drew Barrymore’s grandmother, and at the end of her life she was in an ltr with the woman who wrote Good Night Moon.

“For the newt is, after all, only a newt, and has his weaknesses just as any of the rest of us.” Robert C. Benchley, “The Social Life of the Newt,” 1919

“As regards income tax, I am, thank goodness, an individual. I pray I never become a corporation.” P.G. Wodehouse, “All About the Income-Tax”

From VANITY FAIR(1914-1936)’s first editorial, March 1914

"FOR women we intend to do something in a noble and missionary spirit, something which, so far as we can observe, has never been done for them by an American magazine. We mean to make frequent appeals to their intellects. We dare believe they are, in their best moments, creatures of some cerebral activity; we even make bold to believe that it is they who are contributing what is most original, stimulating, and highly magnetized to the literature of our day, and we hereby announce ourselves as determined and bigoted feminists."

Aug 5


so proud of my pals  !!!!!  listen to this!!!!!

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Jun 25

Jun 19

Jun 4
“When one wants to be profoundly oneself, one puts oneself on a plane that is partly incommunicable.” Yves Bonnefoy (via theparisreview)

May 8
“Once more, if Nature had given a scope for things
To be forever broken more and more,
By now the bodies of matter would have been
So far reduced by breakings in old days
That from them nothing could, at season fixed,
Be born, and arrive its prime and of life.”

Lucretius, On The Nature of Things

The most beautiful parts of humanity up against the realities of nature. 2000 years ago, goosebumps now.

“When you’re working very hard you’re not lonely; you are the whole damn world.” Shelby Foote (via theparisreview)

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